Director Sergei Dvortsevoy
Screenwriter Sergei Dvortsevoy – Gennadiy Ostrovskiy
Director of Photography: Jolanta Dylewska
Editing: Sergei Dvortsevoy – Petar Markovic
Producer: Sergei Dvortsevoy – Guo Guo – Martin Hampel – Thanassis Karathanos – Maria Kontogianni – Michel Merkt – Gulnara Sarsenova – Anna Wydra – Li Zhu

Cast: Samal Yeslyamova – Zhipara Abdilaeva – Sergey Mazur


Ayka is the story of a young woman living illegally in Moscow and struggling to pay her debt. The pregnant young woman cannot afford to raise her baby. Ayka had to leave her baby at the hospital after giving birth. Immediately returning to work so that she can pay her debts, Ayka cannot receive her salary and gets fired. Without a place to live and without any money, Ayka settles into a hostel full of migrants. Only having a bunk to sleep on, the only thing on Ayka’s mind is the debts she has not been able to pay. While roaming the streets of refugee neighborhoods in Moscow looking for a job without a work permit, Ayka also has to deal with her postpartum hemorrhage. Will this young woman be able to overcome the difficulties and pay her debt?

The Kazakhstani director was an Oscar nominee in 2009 with his movie TULPAN. His film, AYKA, competed in the Cannes Film Festival and the lead actress won the Award for Best Actress.

AnkaraKızılay Büyülü Fener26 Ekim 2019 Cumartesi 11:30 – 13:15
YalovaYalova Cinema Pink
KarabükKarabük Cineboss

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